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Idea Light Bulb Moleskine Journal | Just for those Eureka! moments, this Moleskine Journal feature... | Notebooks & Notepads
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Idea Light Bulb Moleskine Journal

Only bright ideas allowed


Made by:

Subtle Acts

Subtle Acts


Delightful Stamp Carver


Gilmer, TX

Just for those Eureka! moments, this Moleskine Journal features a bright lightbulb stamped on the cover. When a great idea pops into your noggin', you'd better write it down fast, before it's lost forever – and this unique journal fixes that problem quite eloquently. The electric stamp, designed and hand-carved by the artist, graces the 3.5" x 5.5" cover. Slide it into your back pocket, and never lose a genius, albeit fleeting, idea again. Store loose notes in the handy pocket in the journal's back and scribble your every thought onto the 64 lined pages.

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