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Indian-Spiced Popcorn Assortment – Set of 3 | This Indian-spiced popcorn variety pack includes three 4 oz. b... | Popcorn & Popcorn Cakes
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Indian-Spiced Popcorn Assortment – Set of 3

The spice is right

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Masala Pop

Masala Pop


Neo-Popcorn Wallah


Central Eastside, Portland

This Indian-spiced popcorn variety pack includes three 4 oz. bags: Savory Masala, Chai & Tamarind Sesame.

The Savory Masala has traditional masala spices as well as papadum (lentil chips). The Chai has delicious chai-infused caramel bits and black Assam tea. The Tamarind Sesame has a tangy tamarind flavor along with sesame seeds and papadums (lentil chips). Translation: You'll be tasting a whole sub-continent of flavor in a single snacking session.

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