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Jojoba Oil Facial Moisturizer with Toner | This jojoba oil and toner combo will fancy up your face care r... | Facial Cleansers
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Jojoba Oil Facial Moisturizer with Toner

A skin win

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Made by:

Caru Skincare Co.

Caru Skincare Co.


Scentual Skincare-er


Astoria, NY

This jojoba oil and toner combo will fancy up your face care routine on the daily. The set incluces a 1 oz. glass bottle of jojoba with a dropper top and a 4 oz. toner of your choosing.

Jojoba Oil Facial Mousturizer:
Jojoba oil is a great daytime facial moisturizer since it doesn't feel greasy and won't clog pores. It is nourishing and naturally high in vitamin E (an antioxidant that protects and repairs skin). It naturally has an SPF 4, so it provides some protection from the sun (although it is not a substitute for good ole sun block). This oil will leave skin feeling smooth, supple. The maker's "oil" (jojoba is technically a wax) is first-pressed from the seed. It is unrefined and USDA certified organic, grown in the USA, Israel or Argentina.

The maker recommends using this jojoba oil neat as a facial moisturizer (1-3 drops), but it can also be used as a body oil, massage oil, pre-shave oil, and for hair care.

All the maker's toners are alcohol-free and preservative-free. They are made 100% from organic hydrosols--and that's it. Pure, fresh and honestly good for your skin.

Choose from:
Rock + Rose Facial Toner (great for dry or combination skin)
Lavender + Chamomile Facial Toner (great for dry or damaged skin)
Neroli + Immortelle (great for oily skin)

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Sold Out
$28 $32