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Maple Syrup, Cube & Flakes Variety Pack – Set of 3

Maple accessories for every occasion

Maple Syrup, Cube & Flakes Variety Pack – Set of 3

Maple accessories for every occasion


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Maple's no longer merely relegated to piled-high stacks of pancakes, folks. With this set of premium syrup (for pouring), pure maple flakes (for sprinkling) and a pure maple cube (for grating) –– that bold, maple flavor will be working its way into all your best dishes in no time at all. Set includes:

Pure Maple Cube (7 oz.)
This solid cube of pure maple sugar is meant for grating and garnishing oatmeal, fruit and ice cream.

Pure Maple Flakes (4 oz.)
Crunchy morsels of pure maple sugar, just right for sprinklin' atop salads, sweet potatoes and desserts.

Your choice of one of the following maple syrups:

Fancy Maple Syrup 16.9oz (500ml)
Made from the first run of sap, this syrup is a pale gold with a mild flavor. Drizzle over sweets or craft an exquisite cocktail.

Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup16oz (500ml)
Most similar to standard syrup, as an accent' with breads, cookies and chocolate.

Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup 16oz (500ml)
With bold coloring and flavor, this Vermont maple syrup is just right for pancake drizzlin'.

Grade B Maple Syrup 16.9oz (500ml)
Made from the last sap of the season, this syrup has a hearty maple flavor –– best used in cooking and baking.

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