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Mead Brewing Kit - 1/2 Gallon

Time travel--with booze

Mead Brewing Kit - 1/2 Gallon

Time travel--with booze


The details

This 1/2 gallon mead kit is for all you adventurous home brew and DIY enthusiasts out there. Mead? Yes, mead, one of the oldest forms of fermented beverages know to man. And this honey-based booze is fun and rewarding to brew. This complete equipment and ingredient kit contains everything you need to make half a gallon of mead, minus your own kitchen and a large stockpot.

The mead kit contains everything pictured, including easy-to-follow instructions. So that's:

- Amber Growler
- Carboy Cap
- Tubing
- Stopper with Hole
- Airlock
- Yeast
- No-Rinse Sanitizer
- Mason Jar with Florida Harvest Organic Honey
- Oak Chips

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