Meat Rub Spices - Set of 3

Sprinkle liberally atop poultry, beef and pork

made by Sugared Spice Shop

Meat Rub Spices - Set of 3

Sprinkle liberally atop poultry, beef and pork

$ 28

The details

This set of meat rubs includes 4 oz. tins of Steak Shake Seasoning Blend, Incredible Poultry rub and ginger cumin pork rub.

Steak Shake seasoning blend is versatile and works well with all of your fantastic red meat cuts. A balanced blend of black pepper, garlic, onion, fennel, sea salt, paprika and red pepper gives a smoky, spiced flavor to whatever you brought home from the butcher – it will not overpower the meat, and allows the true flavor of each cut to shine through.

Incredible poultry rub is a blend of brown sugar, crushed chilis, black pepper, dry mustard, caraway, cumin, paprika, garlic and salt will make you fall in love with poultry all over again. Use a little for just a hint of show-stopping flavor, or use a lot for an intense, palate-dazzling treat. Each 4 oz container will fully cover a 20lb turkey, two roaster chickens or 20 pieces of mixed-piece chicken.

Ginger cumin pork rub compliments pork marvelously, but is backed by a little spice and a touch of garlic. Just enough salt has been added to help the flavors permeate the pork.


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