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Men's Shaving Oil | While we're all for beards, and facial hair in general, a nice... | Shaving & Grooming
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Men's Shaving Oil

Made with lotsa organic ingredients



Made by:

Brooklyn Grooming Co.

Brooklyn Grooming Co.


Suppliers of Dapper


Brooklyn, NYC

While we're all for beards, and facial hair in general, a nice close shave does a man good now and again. And for that we'd recommend adding an all-natural drop or two of this shaving oil to your shaving routine. There are no chemicals or industrial byproducts used in each small batch –– just organic vegetable butters, beeswax, herbs and essential oils. Organic sesame and avocado oils join forces with castor oil and vitamin E to give the shave oil a velvety, buttery smoothness. Apply to softened stubble and slowly shave until smooth. Bottle measures 1 oz.

Fragrance-free. The only scent is of the natural oils, waxes and butters. No added essences.

Strapping, woody Cedar Atlas and Cedar Virginia stand alongside the brightness and warmth of Ho Wood and the delicate, floral fruitiness of Ylang Ylang. Smells like a personal triumph.

Distinct botanical notes of pine and the added character of juniper. This scent carries a breezy balance with dulcet tones of floral lavender and bergamot. Masculine and invigorating.

Think Bay Rum with hints of cardamom. Spicy and complex –– cinnamon's swashbuckling older brother.

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