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Soft Baked Biscotti Cookies, Set of 2 Pound Bags

Biscotti it's notti

Soft Baked Biscotti Cookies, Set of 2 Pound Bags

Biscotti it's notti


The details

These twice-baked cookies may look a lot like those biscotti fellas, but trust us, they're a little softer and a whole lot more flavorful. In other words, you don't need coffee to make all-natural Marlo cookies taste good. And in this assortment you'll receive 2 one-pound bags of Midnight Marlo and Original Marlo cookies.

The Original Marlo Cookie
Like perfectly worn-in jeans, the Original Marlo Cookie is a faithful standby. Unlike perfectly worn-in jeans, the blend of dark chocolate-covered raisins, toasted walnuts and dark chocolate chips is significantly more tasty.

The Midnight Marlo Cookie
A luxe blend of Italian espresso, rich cocoa and Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate chips, the Midnight Marlo is practically a dense brownie. Which, in our books, is an excellent thing.

Each pound contains 10-12 Marlo cookies, for a total of about 20-24 cookies in this 2-pound set.

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