Millicent's Lime Mint Elixir- 2 Pack

Mojitos all around

made by Wilks & Wilson

Millicent's Lime Mint Elixir- 2 Pack

Mojitos all around

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Millicent May Smith was the daughter of a tobacco farmer who settled down in Key West in the late 1800s. Living there, she fell in love with the fresh aroma of mint leaves and the sharp bite of lime, perhaps influenced by the local Cuban workers. Intertwining the two unique tastes, she found herself with a lively, effervescent elixir, which she used especially in her rum Mojitos to close business deals. Fresh mint, lime zest and lime juice, when combined with the thick, silky texture of our simple syrup, make this a rich, yet refreshing mixer.Two 375ml bottles of this fine elixir included.


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$25 $30