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Mini Boozy Preserves Picnic Trio | RedCamper Picnic Supply brings you the sweet stuff, spiked wit... | Jams & Jellies
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Mini Boozy Preserves Picnic Trio

A boozy kick for sandwiches 'n cheese plates

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All-American Travel Chronicler


Baker, Denver

RedCamper Picnic Supply brings you the sweet stuff, spiked with a little extra something. All of the jars of gourmet jams are handcrafted in small batches with local-to-Colorado spirits and beers, 100% cane sugar and non-gmo pectin –– because they care about things like that. Make your own three pack of 4 oz. jars of preserves, choosing from the following flavors:

Tequila Jalepeño (4 oz.)
Made with jalapeños, fresh limes and oranges, plus Boulder, CO-based Suerte Tequila and a tiny bit of sea salt to create the perfect pepper jam. It's sweet with a long, slow burn.

IPA Lemon Poppy Jam (4 oz.)
A refreshing citrus blast, mellowed out with Colorado-brewed India Pale Ale from small brewer Our Mutual Friend. Fresh, USA-grown lemons are hand-zested, milled, then combined with local beer, sugar, non-GMO pectin and poppy seeds.

Strawberry Limoncello Jam (4 oz.)
An adult take on classic strawberry jam. Freshly crushed black pepper is added to fresh-from-the-garden basil and strawberries--plus some homemade limoncello from Organic CapRock Vodka.

Colorado Whiskey Peach (4 oz.)
Paonia, CO-grown peaches are combined with Leopold Bros. Whiskey, a family owned and operated distiller in Denver. It didn't win the Blue Ribbon at the Denver County Fair for nothing.

Absinthe Orange (4 oz.)
A new take on traditional orange marmalade. The best of the tradition is mixed it up with some adult-minded Leopold Brothers Absinthe to get a perfect blend of orange and anise that is both sweet and complex.

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