Spicy & Boozy Jams Sampler Set

Fruity, boozy and spicy toast toppers

made by The Jam Stand

Spicy & Boozy Jams Sampler Set

Fruity, boozy and spicy toast toppers

$ 15

The details

There’s more to life than just grape jelly or store-bought preserves. Try this selection, for example. A boozy banana, vanilla-infused blueberry, jalapeno-spiced raspberry and sriracha peach jam offer four different flavor journeys with your morning toast. You’ll receive four jars of the sweet stuff in this set, one jar of each flavor:

Blueberry Bourbon Jam (1.5 oz.)
This berry flavored jam is a sweet trifecta of blueberries, bourbon and vanilla. Made small-batch, this tasty concoction brings all the fun of sipping booze without the hangover. It spreads nice and easy on toast, but we suggest trying it over cobbler, à la mode.

Ingredients: blueberries, sugar, bourbon, vanilla, and pectin.

Drunken Monkey Jam (1.5 oz.)
This jam tastes just like it sounds, like a monkey drunk on rum. The flavor is concocted with sweet sugar-coated bananas, a splash of rum and a dash of lime, for a slightly tropical flavor. It would be pretty tasty spread on toast or on top of pancakes, or saucy in a dish of ice cream or as a third layer to your PB&J.

Ingredients: bananas, sugar, lime, rum, all natural pectin

Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam (1.5 oz.)
Forget sweet and sour, with this small-batch jam, we're all about sweet and spice. Made with juicy peaches and red-hot sriracha sauce, this jam packs the heat underneath that sugary sweet facade. Try it with goat cheese on bread for a fancy toast or slather a bit on pork or chicken in the crock pot.

Ingredients: peaches, sugar, lemon, all natural pectin, Jojo's Sriracha

Razzy Gabby's Raspberry Jalapeno Jam (1.5 oz.)
This flavorful combination features sweet and tart raspberries combined with spicy jalapeno peppers, a surprising breakfast smear for toast or scones.

Ingredients: raspberries, sugar, jalapeno, and lime.


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