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Facial Care Set | A deep cleansing and rejuvenation facial care set to nourish y... | Skin Care Masks & Peels

Facial Care Set

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Mullein and Sparrow

Mullein and Sparrow


Herbal Hero


Bushwick, Brooklyn

A deep cleansing and rejuvenation facial care set to nourish your skin--or a special someone's. Included in the package:

Facial Serum:
This is a nourishing and regenerative treatment for all skin types. A lightweight moisturizer, it disappears into the skin while adding suppleness and promoting skin's natural elasticity. Can be worn by itself for normal to oily skin or under moisturizer for dry skin. Size: .5 fl. oz.

Facial Mask:
This facial mask contains a blend of powerful clays mixed with soothing, aromatic herbs. Used weekly, this treatment is designed to refine pores and provide a gentle exfoliation that is beneficial for all skin types. Size: 2.5 oz.

Facial Steam:
Herbal steam baths open pores, facilitate the release of impurities, and deliver vital nutrients to the skin. For profound cleansing, use along with our Facial Mask once a week. Size: 1.5 oz.

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Sold Out
$62 $70