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Natural Cleansing Oil & Facial Serum | The most natural and luxurious way to cleanse your face. This ... | Body Oil
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Natural Cleansing Oil & Facial Serum

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Aster & Bay

Aster & Bay


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Atlanta, GA

The most natural and luxurious way to cleanse your face. This set includes a natural cleansing oil and a facial serum of your choosing.

Cleaning Oil
The natural cleansing oil comes a 4 oz. glass bottle with pump. It is a blend of softening and toning oils that penetrate the pores deeply to dissolve dirt, makeup and toxin buildup. For all skin types, it is made with 100% plant and essential oils. Ingredients include:

- Organic Macadamia Nut Oil: A light, non-greasy texture makes it an ideal cleansing oil for all skin types.
- Hazelnut Oil: Considered to be an astringent oil, hazelnut oil is great for detoxifying the skin and pores. Eliminates blackheads and imparts a healthy glow.
- Organic Sesame Oil: The Ayurvedic secret to radiant skin, sesame oil is packed with vitamin E.
- Organic Castor Oil: Castor oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. - Essential Oil Blend: Three toning and purifying citrus essential oils help the detoxifying action of the cleanser, while imparting an uplifting and invigorating scent.

To use: Massage a quarter-sized amount of oil into the skin. Hold a (comfortably) hot washcloth over face for fifteen seconds or longer. Rinse cloth with hot water again and slowly wipe off oil with the cloth, rinsing it as needed. Repeat until all the oil is gone and skin feels soft. Pat dry with a clean towel and follow with facial serum.

Facial Serum:
Facial serums are botanically-rich moisturizing blends with concentrated antioxidants, essential fatty acids and essential oils. They are intended to provide lasting hydration while balancing and healing. Comes in a half ounce glass bottle with a dropper. Choose from the maker's Glow, Purify or Hydrate serum.

Glow Facial Serum (for normal skin types):
This ultra-nourishing and moisturizing facial oil provides essential fatty acids and antioxidants from Sea Buckthorn, Meadowfoam Seed and Borage Seed oils. Essential oils and organic extracts regenerate the skin by promoting rapid cell turnover. This moisturizing facial serum is best suited for all skin types, but is most effective for skin that is characterized as normal (not overly dry or oily), yet occasionally suffers from dullness due to environmental stress and fatigue. This serum blend energizes and revitalizes skin at the cellular level and creates a glowing, dewy complexion.

Purify Facial Serum (for oily/blemished skin types):
This serum restores radiance to oily and blemished skin by neutralizing excess sebum and detoxifying pores. Watermelon Seed oil dissolves pore-clogging oil, hydrates and provides essential vitamins. Essential oils of clary sage, green myrtle and geranium eliminate acne-causing bacteria while chamomile soothes inflammation. The result is a balanced and healthy complexion.This purifying facial serum is suitable for all skin types, but is most effective for skin that is characterized as oily or blemished.

Hydrate Facial Serum (for dry/mature skin types):
This hydrating facial serum is suitable for all skin types, but is most effective for skin that is characterized as dry or mature. The small size of the oil molecules enables the oil to thoroughly moisturize the skin--penetrating more deeply than any cream. This absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving oily residue. Long-term use leads to healed and deeply hydrated skin.

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