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Natural Long-Sleeve Flintlock Pistols Crossed T-Shirt | The Flintlock Pistol evokes images of pirates and privateers. ... | T-Shirts
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Natural Long-Sleeve Flintlock Pistols Crossed T-Shirt

Going out with pistols blazin'

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Made by:

Irontree Clothing

Irontree Clothing


Destiny Designer


Los Angeles, CA

The Flintlock Pistol evokes images of pirates and privateers. Flintlock is the general term for any firearm based on the mechanism, but the term may also apply to the mechanism itself. Introduced at the beginning of the 17th century, it continued to be in common use for over two centuries. Although long superseded by modern firearms, flintlock weapons enjoy continuing popularity with black powder shooting enthusiasts.

Every artisan-crafted Irontree tee is unique and features hand-finished details, like the Irontree label on the back at the neckline. After just a few washings it will break in to a buttery soft hand. The fit of Irontree Clothing t-shirts is a more fitted, slim American Apparel fit. If you like a roomier tee, it is reccomended that you order a size up.

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$38 $44