Natural Soap 4-Pack

Chock-full of all the good stuff

Natural Soap 4-Pack

Chock-full of all the good stuff

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If you're in the market for soaps that are handcrafted and good for your skin, these are the ones. They're crafted with entirely wholesome ingredients like coconut, olive and avocado oil, and come in unscented and sweetly fragranced varieties. Simply pick your four favorites and you're all set!

Quintessential Coconut Soap (4.5 oz.)
Mild and unscented, this cold-process soap lathers up nicely and smells oh-so-slightly of coconut oil.

Quintessential Olive Soap (4.5 oz.)
Mild and unscented, this cold-process soap lathers up nicely and has a light natural scent from the olive oil used.

Quintessential Avocado Soap (4.5 oz.)
Mild and unscented with just a little bit of lather, this soap has a light natural scent from the avocado oil.

Mineral Halite Soap (4.5 oz.)
This textured, cold-process soap is made with Pink Himalayan salt along with grapefruit and eucalyptus oils.

Herbal Halcyon Soap (4.5 oz.)
Gentle and fragrant, this cold-process soap combines coconut, olive, sweet almond and avocado oils with lavender essential oil and chamomile powder.

Wheatgrass Soap (4.5 oz.)
Featuring a slight texture and a ginger grass and lime oil scent, this Impetus soap is made with coconut, sweet almond and avocado oil along with wheatgrass, activated charcoal and pumice.

Salt Of The Earth Soap (4.5 oz.)
Simple and slightly textured, this cold-process soap combines shea butter, clay and sea salt for an earthy and natural clean.

Carbon-Based Soap (4.5 oz.)
This soap has a gentle sandy texture from activated charcoal and is unscented with a high lather.

Lemon & Peppermint Soap (4.5 oz.)
Light and clean with a gentle lemon mint fragrance and the texture of poppy seeds, this cold-process soap is invigorating and refreshing.

Sweet Honey, Almond & Oat Soap (4.5 oz.)
Creamy, soft and gentle, this cold-process soap is naturally colored with a soft textured feel and a mild foam.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap (4.5 oz.)
The soft floral scent of cherry blossoms combines with moisturizing shea butter and French pink clay for a soap that's gentle on all skin types.

Sweet Cranberry (4.5 oz.)
This cold-process soap has a generous lather, a gentle scrub and shea butter for a rich and fruity bar of soap.

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