Organic Bar Soap Set, 2 Bars

Made with all-natural ingredients

made by Goldie's Natural Beauty

Organic Bar Soap Set, 2 Bars

Made with all-natural ingredients

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Suds up your body, face and even hair with these all-natural handmade soaps. Each one’s crafted with just vegetable-based oils, moisturizing shea butter, fresh or dried herbs and the finest essential oils. Choose from 11 different concoctions to treat your senses, exfoliate and/or moisturize:

Bright Eyes: balancing and toning with carrot and aloe. Lime basil scented.
Frankincense & Myrrh: calming and detoxifying with the warm and woody aroma of sandalwood.
Green And Gold: a revitalizing and gently exfoliating soap, with French green clay, dried chamomile petals and a lavender scent.
Greensleeves: exfoliating and moisturizing with dried nettle and coffee grounds to scrub. Tea tree oil and moisturizing coconut, olive, and avocado oils balance skin.
Indian Princess: an exfoliating soap with dead sea salt embedded into a mix of dark spice, citrus and patchouli fragrance.
Juniper Citrus Sailor: a bright clean fragrance blending piney juniper and citrusy bergamot.
Little Wing: this bar can be used for body or as a shampoo bar. Neem oil provides moisturizing benefits, and it’s scented with vanilla, frankincense and rosewood.
New Moon: coconut charcoal detoxifies skin and combines with a spicy floral fragrance of black pepper, sweet orange and lovage leaf.
Pink Lady: orange and rose are combined with palmarosa, beet juice and nourishing vegetable oils in this soap. Dried rose buds gently exfoliate.
Scarborough Fair: red bentonite clay detoxifies, and an herbal mix of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme add a fresh, green scent.
White Magic: kaolin white clay and ylang-ylang mix with patchouli and balsam peru for a subtly sensual scent and creamy lather.

- 4.5 oz. bars
- 2 bars per set
- Choose two different or two of the same scent
- Fragrances are mixed with pure essential oils


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