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Organic Jamaican Sorrel (Hibiscus) Tea | A traditional Jamaican Christmas drink, this organic sorrel te... | Tea Bags & Loose Tea Leaves
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Organic Jamaican Sorrel (Hibiscus) Tea

Bright 'n zingy


Made by:

Fare Isle

Fare Isle


Island Whisperer


Fare Isle, Nantucket Island

A traditional Jamaican Christmas drink, this organic sorrel tea makes for a wonderfully refreshing herbal tea. But it's nowhere near boring either, the handmade blend combines sorrel (hibiscus) petals with organic ginger, wild Jamaican sweet cinnamon leaf and sarsaprilla for a zesty kick. Each charmingly corked glass jar contains 8 oz. of the tea, and though it's traditionally meant for Christmastime, we've got it on good word that the stuff works year-round.

Steep 1-2 tsp. per cup of boiling water in a covered vessel for five minutes to extract just the right amount of flavor from the tea. Chill and serve iced for a cooling refreshment, or freeze strong-brewed tea into ice cubes and add to drinks.

Made on Nantucket in a licensed and vegan kitchen.

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