Whole Bean Craft Coffee, 2-Packs

Independently roasted for home brewing

made by Firelight Coffee Roasters

Whole Bean Craft Coffee, 2-Packs

Independently roasted for home brewing

$ 29

The details

Sourced directly from small, independent farms, these coffee beans will add a bright, chocolatey or sweet flavor to your morning cup. Each roast boasts tasting notes unique to the region it hails from, and will arrive as whole beans, to grind and brew to suit your fancy. Choose two from the varieties below:

Flavor Options:

Brazilian Boa Vista (12 oz.)
This coffee comes from an amazing family farm that is leading the way in sustainable farming practices. Representing our first farmer-direct trade relationship, our friends in the Caconde region of Brazil introduced us to this amazing lot that is putting a new face to Brazilian specialty coffee. By focusing on quality and sustainability, no matter the cost, this lot represents the future of Brazil’s coffee industry. We’re proud to roast this exquisite natural coffee because what it represents is as innovative and incredible as the way it tastes. We were really excited to have a natural coffee on the roster again, bringing with it a bright, pulpy fruit taste similar to a ripe strawberry. The inherent sweetness is tangy like a mandarin orange, and the classic Brazilian chocolate undertone finishes out the well-rounded body on this coffee.

Costa Rican CoopeTarrazu (12 oz.)
CoopeTarrazu is sourced from a group of small coffee growers that have come together to offer the best micro lots of the Tarrazu region. We found this to be a very balanced coffee that is a perfect daily drinker, with pulped fruit notes and a smooth creamy body. We’ve found this coffee to be very consistent across drip, pour over, and immersion methods.

Rwandan Organic Kabirizi (12 oz.)
This certified organic coffee from Lake Kivu in Rwanda has a strong chocolate taste and heavy body. The climate of the lake and the volcanic soil come together in some magical way to make deep cherry fruit tones in this flavorful bean.


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