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Organic Vanilla Hot Cocoa Mix | Even before adding a healthy dose of an adult libation of your... | Tea Bags & Loose Tea Leaves
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Organic Vanilla Hot Cocoa Mix

Just add peppermint schnapps


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Made by:

Fare Isle

Fare Isle


Island Whisperer


Fare Isle, Nantucket Island

Even before adding a healthy dose of an adult libation of your choosing, this organic hot cocoa mix is a grown-up version of the warm and comfy goodness you remember. The hand-blended hot cocoa mix combines raw Indonesian cacao powder with rapadura (a truly raw cane sugar) and vanilla bean. Raw cacao powder comes from naturally-cured cacao beans and is never roasted, so it is high in antioxidants as well as mineral-rich. Classy, no?

Stir 1-2 tsp. of the mix into a cup of scalding milk of your choosing – soymilk with a splash of homemade coconut cream works wonders.

Each 8 oz. jar of organic cocoa mix is made on Nantucket in a licensed and vegan kitchen.

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