Pickle Packer's Assortment, Set of 3

All sorts of pickled goodness

made by Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon

Pickle Packer's Assortment, Set of 3

All sorts of pickled goodness

$ 30

The details

A delightful trio of hand-crafted pickles. This set includes a jar of each of the following varieties:

Classic Garlic Dill Sandwich Pickles
These seasonally produced pickles are crisp and packed with fresh Summer flavor from the best, hand picked produce — perfect for snacking or sandwich topping. These pickles are made with fresh picked dill, garlic, and a pinch of cayenne pepper flake.

Dilly Beans with Pickled Peppers (12 oz.)
There's more to pickling than dill-flavored cucumbers. This blend of dilly beans and pickled peppers proves that -- and in a pretty awesome way. It's been featured in Garden & Gun's 2012 "Made in the South" Awards.

Spiced Sweet Pickled Beets (12 oz.)
Crafted from certified organic Beets grown by New Sprout farms in Asheville NC. The sweetened & spiced brine tempers the earthiness of the beets, and pickled onion adds layers of flavor. Serve them alone, or use the brine to create a vinaigrette for a beautifully presented salad.


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