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Pour Over Stoneware Coffee Mug Set | Brew yourself a cup of coffee with this single-cup pour over c... | Kitchen & Dining

Pour Over Stoneware Coffee Mug Set

For the perfect pour

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Made by:

Toast Ceramics

Toast Ceramics


Clay Wrangler


East Madison, Wisconsin

Brew yourself a cup of coffee with this single-cup pour over coffee system. It's handmade with stoneware clay and is ready to serve even your more caffeine-frenzied days.

Instructions: 1. Wet a #4 paper coffee filter, place inside top pour over piece. 2. Medium grind 3 Tbsp. of your favorite blend. 3. Boil water. 4. Place ground coffee in wet filter. 5. Pour hot water slowly over the ground coffee until full to the top. 6. Stir slightly. 7. Wait for it to finish dripping, remove the filter system and enjoy.

- Made by two hands, each white stoneware pour over set is wheel-thrown and hand-painted.

- Pour over set measures approximately 5" x 3" and holds about 14 oz.

- Food-safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. Not necessarily child-proof, but darn close.

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