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Large Raw Chocolate Variety Pack | There's a new chocolate in town. Chocolate that's raw, organic... | Chocolate Assortments
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Large Raw Chocolate Variety Pack

Fair trade, vegan and organic, to boot

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Made by:

Buddha Chocolate

Buddha Chocolate


Enlightened Chocolatiers


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

There's a new chocolate in town. Chocolate that's raw, organic, vegan and fair trade. And if you think that all sounds like quite the mouthful, well, you'd be right. A delicious, chocolate-y mouthful. With this set of assorted chocolates you can explore the stuff quite thoroughly––maybe in one sitting, if you're feeling tough.

Classic Raw Chocolate Cups (9–1 oz. cups)
Gooey raw almond butter, covered with decadent dark chocolate, all sweetened up with coconut palm crystals.

Crunchy Raw Chocolate Cup (3–1 oz. cups)
All the goodness of the Classic cups, but with crunchy cacao nibs which are, well, crunchy.

Chocolate Nibs Bar (1–1.5 oz. bar)
Decadent raw chocolate, speckled with crunchy cacao nibs and sweetened with coconut palm crystals.

Classic Chocolate Bar (1-1.5 oz. bar)
A classic, aromatic, bold bar of the good (read: raw) stuff.

Salty Chocolate Bar (1-1.5 oz. bar)
Each savory sweet bar is generously coated with mineral rich Himalayan pink crystal salt.

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