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Reclaimed Wood Medicine Cabinet | Stow all of your emergency essentials (yes, chocolate counts) ... | Medicine Cabinets
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Reclaimed Wood Medicine Cabinet

In case of emergency

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only 6 left

Made by:

Wooden Crow Company

Wooden Crow Company


Furniture Craftsman


Suches, GA

Stow all of your emergency essentials (yes, chocolate counts) in this handsome first aid medicine cabinet. It's made from reclaimed wood in a distressed finish and features a red cross symbol at the front and center. That being said, you could also use it as a spice holder. Hey, a garlic emergency is still an emergency.

- One shelf in the center.

- Made from reclaimed wood.

- Available in distressed white or military green.

- Measures 22" x 24" x 7.5".

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$125 $150