Sake Making Kit

A.K.A. the Kampaii kit

made by The Grain and Grape Brew Shop

Sake Making Kit

A.K.A. the Kampaii kit

$ 57

The details

This simplified sake making kit is just right for the first time rice wine maker who needs an introduction to the art. This contains all the equipment you will need to brew as many batches as you like, so it's the boozy gift that keeps on giving. The recipe follows a simplified and approachable process meant for first forays into the complex world of sake making. You'll just need to provide 1 lb white raisins. (P.S. Some of the equipment in this kit can be used for brewing of beer and wine as well.)

The kit contains the following equipment and ingredients, including instructions (please note: sake wine decanter and cups not included):

- 1 Gallon Glass Carboy - Cane Siphon - Siphon Filter Cap - Siphon Clip - Tubing - Stopper with Hole - Airlock - Yeast - Campden Tablets - Acid Blend - No-Rinse Sanitizer - Steeping Bags - Short-Grain High-Polished Rice - Yeast Energizer - Fermenting Bucket w/ Grommet.


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