Sea Salt Caramel Sampler Set

Small batch confections, sprinkled with salt

made by Posh Chocolat

Sea Salt Caramel Sampler Set

Small batch confections, sprinkled with salt

$ 24

The details

Sea salt caramels, covered in chocolate. Let's go over that again: Sea salt caramels, Covered. In. Chocolate. This sampler set includes four boxes of the chocolate-dipped treats, with four different flavors to enjoy.

Vanilla Caramels (6 pack)
The classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla meld in this bite-sized sweet. The dark chocolate shells are sprinkled with Cyprus flaked sea salt to balance the flavor.

Bacon Caramels (6 pack)
These caramels are bacon-infused, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with applewood smoked sea salt for a savory take on dessert.

Cherry & Balsamic Caramels (6 pack)
The tartness of flathead cherries and balsamic vinegar give depth to this caramel, and each one is dipped in milk chocolate before sprinkling with Bolivian pink sea salt.

Coconut Pineapple Caramels (6 pack)
The tropical flavors of coconut and pineapple are blended into these caramels and covered in dark chocolate. And they’re finished with just a bit of Hawaiian pink sea salt on top.

- Set of 4 boxes of caramels
- Each box contains 6 caramels each, for 24 in total
- Cherry and balsamic caramels are dipped in milk chocolate
- All other flavors are dipped in 74% dark chocolate


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