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Sea Salt Variety Pack | Give a special somebody four times the sprinklin' magic with t... | Salt
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Sea Salt Variety Pack

An ama-zing gift

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Beautiful Briny Sea

Beautiful Briny Sea


sea salt magician


Old Fourth Ward, ATL

Give a special somebody four times the sprinklin' magic with this sampler of Beautiful Briny Sea Salts. Choose four of the following flavors, each in a 4 oz. tin:

Magic Unicorn (4 oz.)
It really does go well on, well, anything. Ingredients: Pure ocean salt, smoked paprika, garlic, rosemary, lemon, celery seed

Campfire (4 oz.)
This stuff isn't shy: smoked salt and chili flakes pack a hearty punch.

French Picnic (4 oz.)
Zesty and herbaceous with mustard, garlic, thyme, lavender and pink peppercorn.

Friends Forever (4 oz.)
A pure ocean salt mixed with granulated honey.

Lavender (4 oz.)
Fresh and versatile, with organic lavender and pure ocean salt.

Rosemary (4 oz.)
Pine-y and fresh, with organic rosemary and pure ocean salt.

Santa Salt (4 oz.)
Pure ocean salt, rosemary and pink peppercorn, blended together perfectly.

Includes a bonus muslin sack and carved wood salt spoon.

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$26 $32