Small-Batch Pickle 2-Pack

A spicy treat for your picnic

made by Pacific Pickle Works

Small-Batch Pickle 2-Pack

A spicy treat for your picnic

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Spice up your brunch with a set of these deliciously tart gourmet pickles! Dress up a sandwich with Asian inspired pickled carrots or the spicy cucumber quarters known as Cukarambas. Take your apps to the next level with citrusy bright Fenn Shui fennel or the unbelievable heat of Unbeetable pickled beets. Or, up your Bloody Mary game by topping it all off with a punch of heat brought to you by Good Food Award winning Jalabeaños. No matter which you choose these small-batch handmade pickles are sure to impress.

Choose 4:

Cukarambas Pickles (24 oz.)
These dill-icious spicy pickled cucumber quarters make a great accompaniment to a sandwich or can be eaten just straight from the jar. (We'd recommend both.)

Bread & Buddahs Pickles (24 oz.)
The traditional bread and butter pickle, with a satisfying crunch and an extra kick.

Jalabeaños Pickles (16 oz.)
These Good Food Award winning pickled green beans have a peppery personality. Drop in a couple of beans as the perfect garnish to a spicy Bloody Mary and add a splash of spice.

Unbeetables Pickles (16 oz.)
Pickled beets with unbeetable heat. Spread a dab of creamy goat cheese on a crostini, sprinkle with toasted pine nuts, and top with a beet slice and a basil leaf for a tasty and stylish appetizer.

Carriots of Fire Pickles (16 oz.)
These pickled carrots have the perfect zing to kick up a Vietnamese Banh-Mi sandwich.

Fenn Shui Pickles (16 oz.)
These sliced pieces of fennel root are pickled in a rice vinegar based brine, then accented delicately with ginger, citrus zest and a touch of thai chiles.

Stokra Pickles (16 oz.)
Good old fashioned hot pickled okra. Eat them straight from the jar, or serve them on a platter at a party.

Asparagusto Pickles (16 oz.)
These pickled asparagus spears come with a kick, perfect to liven up a Bloody Mary, or liven up a charcuterie plate.

Brussizzle Sprouts (16 oz.)
These SOFI Award-winning semi-sweet and slightly spicy little wedges of brussels sprouts are so tangy and delicious that you will not be able to eat just one.

Cauli-Flower Power Pickles (16 oz.)
These hand-packed cauliflower pickles are an excellent way to add some more veggies to your diet. Trust us.


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