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Smoke & Mirrors Solid Scent | A traveling carnival often veils many secrets. The Madame's is... | Perfume & Cologne
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Smoke & Mirrors Solid Scent

Now you see it...

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carnie soap maker


Salina, KS

A traveling carnival often veils many secrets. The Madame's is no exception.

Perfectly fitting for those who lead a life of mystery and intrigue, this essential oil blend is an intensely earthy combination of resinous herbal rosemary and deep smoky patchouli, with a touch of eucalyptus and black pine. It comes very generously sized in a 1 oz. screw-top container, hand-poured by the Madame herself.

Ingredients: beeswax, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, essential oils, vitamin e

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Sold Out
$28 $33