Goat's Milk Soap, Complete Assortment

Made with raw goat's milk

made by Little Seed Farm

Goat's Milk Soap, Complete Assortment

Made with raw goat's milk

$ 60

The details

Because your skin needs a treat too, these fancy suds are anything but ordinary. Made with raw goat's milk and organic oils, this bar soap moisturizes with oils of olive and coconut and features enticing scents formulated with just essential oils. The bars are made without palm oil for ethical and environmental reasons, and without the hardening agent, they may soften in the shower if left in a pool of water. You’ll receive one of each scent in this set:

Vanilla Bean Scrub (4.7 oz.)
Intoxicatingly sweet vanilla extract and poppy seeds create a gently scrubby, moisturizing bar. A pleasant, familiar scent that’s as scrumptious as it sounds.

Orange Vetiver Bar (4.7 oz.)
A stimulating blend of citrus and green soothes and relaxes as it cleanses. Suds up with this one for a calming, uplifting experience.

Rosemary Mint Scrub Bar (4.7 oz.)
Soothing, relaxing and exfoliating, this bar features an herbaceous blend of rosemary and spearmint essential oils. Ground mint leaves and cornmeal add scrubby exfoliation.

Lavender Bar (4.7 oz.)
Infused with the sweet, floral scent of lavender, this nourishing bar relaxes as it rinses.

Activated Charcoal Bar (4.7 oz.)
Activated charcoal is highly absorptive, making it an ideal ingredient for deep cleaning the skin. Suited for acne-prone or irritated skin.

Rose Bar (4.7 oz.)
Powerful geranium rose essential oil and finely ground rose petals combine in this floral soap. The rose fragrance is warm, with a spicy green undertone, and the flower petals provide gentle exfoliation.

Clay & Kefir Face & Body Bar (4.7 oz.)
Raw goat's milk kefir, made fresh on the farm, naturally contains alpha-hydroxy acids which help to slough off dead skin cells, while lactic acid supports the skin's ability to hold moisture. Rose clay helps to cleanse and exfoliate.

Cocoa Spice Bar (4.7 oz.)
Warmly scented with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg, this chocolate soap is an indulgence without the calories.

Oat Bar (4.7 oz.)
Nourishing and moisturizing with steel cut oats to exfoliate, sooth and calm skin.

Milk Bar (4.7 oz.)
A gentle and unscented bar highlighting the star ingredient: goat’s milk.


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