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Solid Perfume – Midnight Nectar | Midnight Nectar Solid Perfume is an all-natural scent, inspire... | Perfume & Cologne
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Solid Perfume – Midnight Nectar

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only 9 left

Made by:

Beridan Naturals

Beridan Naturals


Nature’s apothecarist


Frederick, MD

Midnight Nectar Solid Perfume is an all-natural scent, inspired by heavy florals and fresh drops of dew. Reminiscent of a deep summer's night, this nectar-like scent is filled with resins, floral petals and orange blossoms. A hint of tangy tangerine finishes off the blend of this solid perfume, creating a fresh, clean scent that's perfect for daily use.

These intoxicating artisan perfumes are captured in a fragrant base of local beeswax and combined with nourishing sunflower and coconut oils for a solid scent. Vitamin e and a touch of shea butter complete the blend and help to soften the skin.

Each 0\.5 oz solid perfume comes individually packaged inside a glassine bag.

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