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Spiceologist Block With 22 Gourmet Spices | We're of the opinion that cooking is a science. Yup, like chem... | Seasonings & Spices
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Spiceologist Block With 22 Gourmet Spices

Scientific precision for the kitchen

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Spokane, Washington

We're of the opinion that cooking is a science. Yup, like chemistry. And, armed with this block spice rack, packed with 22 test tubes of fresh spices, you're sure to agree. Measure everything carefully, mutter to yourself and wear a labcoat, if you wish. Cooking for the in-laws is a delicate procedure, after all.

Includes one tube of each of the following spices: 4 Peppercorn Mix, Allspice Berries, Anise Seed, Basil, Black Sesame, Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder, Coriander, Crushed Red Pepper, Cumin Seed, Curry Madras, Fennel Seed, Garlic Granules, Oregano, Pumpkin Spice, Rosemary, Sweet Paprika, Thyme, Turmeric Powder, Wasabi Powder, Whole Cloves, Yellow Mustard.

Block measures 4.5" H x 6.625" W x 4.5" D and comes filled with 22 tubes.

Each tube measures 20 mm. x 150 mm. and holds 20 mL.

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$120 $140