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Spicy Dessert Biscotti Assortment | We're not sure if it's the dunking or the crunching, but there... | Cookies
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Spicy Dessert Biscotti Assortment

Spicy meets sweet (and it's delicious)


Made by:

Saint & Olive

Saint & Olive


Biscotti Baker


The Mission, SF

We're not sure if it's the dunking or the crunching, but there's something about eating biscotti with a cup of afternoon coffee that we can't resist. And when the biscotti comes in a whole slew of spicy 'n sweet flavors? Even more so. This sampler of biscotti includes three pieces of each of the following flavors (for a total of 9 biscotti cookies).

Turkish Coffee
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Almond Toffee with Sea Salt

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