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Spicy Mustard Set | When it comes to choosing mustards, there are a lot of factors... | Mustard

Spicy Mustard Set

Think sriracha and peppers. Lots of 'em


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Green Mountain Mustard

Green Mountain Mustard


Condiment Connoisseur


Richmond, VT

When it comes to choosing mustards, there are a lot of factors to consider. Things like: Are you sharing? Will there be pretzels? But with this full-size variety pack of 4 jars of spicy mustards, the only thing you'll be considering? Which one to open first.

Atomic Rooster Sriracha Mustard (9 oz.)
Using made-from-scratch sriracha sauce, this mustard is bursting with red fresno chiles and fresh-peeled garlic. Also, it's vegan.

Barn Burner Red Habanero Mustard (9 oz.)
This is a hot one — pure-ground red savina peppers make this a killer addition to mac and cheese.

Base Camp Sweet Hot Mustard (9 oz.)
With flecks of red pepper and a whisper of maple syrup, this rich and creamy mustard is a winner.

Sweet Sombrero Jalapeno Mustard (9 oz.)
Clean and crisp, fresh jalapneos combine forces with Vermont maple syrup in this sweet, not too spicy, mustard.

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