Stained Glass Golden Goose Feather

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm

made by The Wilderness Workshop

Stained Glass Golden Goose Feather

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm

$ 30

The details

Made to represent the unpluckable feather of the golden goose of fairy tale lore, this stained glass features gold orange glass, copper veining and a clear, iridescent tip. Available in two sizes, the larger feather has a pearly opal quill to differentiate the right (or top) side from the underside of the feather. Each golden goose feather comes looped on a leather cord, ready to hang from rearview mirrors, to catch light in a window or to display in the garden next to the birdbath.

- Copper foil
- Small feather measures 3”
- Large feather measures 7”
- Feather comes on leather cord for hanging
- Glass is hand-rolled, so your feather may have slight variations in color from pictured

DISCLAIMER: Please (please please) do not give this item to your baby bird. The solder used in the stained glass process contains lead, which is harmful to humans, especially young children.


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The Wilderness Workshop



Avian Stained Glass Artists


island pond, Vermont