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Stainless Steel Growler & Leather Growler Carrier With Strap | Hike, walk or run to the brewery for a fill of your favorite c... | Beer
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Stainless Steel Growler & Leather Growler Carrier With Strap

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Made by:

Pedal Happy

Pedal Happy


Beer ferry


San Francisco

Hike, walk or run to the brewery for a fill of your favorite craft brew with this leather growler carrier and SS Growler combo. The carrier has a strap which makes it easy to bring along on picnics or trips to your buddies house––it's designed to follow the taper of the growler, preventing anything from sliding out. You wouldn't want to spill the beer after all, would you?

The SS Growler
More durable than glass, this 64 oz. growler is made with food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. And it boasts a swinging flip top to keep your brews fresher, longer. There's no plastic liner to fuss with, just clean the silicone seal and you're ready to go––back for more beer.

Care Instructions
Hand wash the SS Growler with warm water and mild soap––no bleach or abrasive cleaners, please. Designed for lotsa beer, not hot liquids, non-food or caustic and acidic materials. Keep silicone seal away from young children.

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