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Lavender, Ginger & Citrus Sugars – Set of 3 | This flavored sugars set includes 4 oz. tins of Lavender Sugar... | Salt
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Lavender, Ginger & Citrus Sugars – Set of 3

Sweet, and then some

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Sugared Spice Shop

Sugared Spice Shop


Spice lady



This flavored sugars set includes 4 oz. tins of Lavender Sugar, Ginger Sugar and Citrus Flavored Sugar.

Lavender sugar is made with dried, edible lavender blossoms mixed into sugar to delicately flavor this lavender sugar. The sugar pairs excellently with cakes, frostings and creme brulee.

Ginger sugar is a sweet sugar infused with fresh ginger root creates this flavorful ginger sugar. It can be used to top sorbets and pies, add a sweet punch to stir fry, sprinkle over grilled fish, caramelized in desserts or sprinkled over cookies.

Citrus flavored sugar complements a shot of espresso, can be used for baking or dusting lemon bars or to dip strawberries in white or dark chocolate and then roll them lightly in this sugar.

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$22 $24

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