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Sunny Chocolate & Nut Butter Cups | Treat your tastebuds to a buttercup that is a little more refi... | Candy & Chocolate
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Sunny Chocolate & Nut Butter Cups

Topped with handcrafted sea salts

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only 10 left

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Made by:

Badminton Chocolate Co.

Badminton Chocolate Co.


Truffle Taster


Ballard, Seattle

Treat your tastebuds to a buttercup that is a little more refined with these handmade buttercups. Each delectable chocolate cup is filled with a spoonful of some of the best housemade nut butters. Lovingly topped with Admiralty Salt Co.'s handcrafted sea salt from the Straits of San Juan de Fuca, WA, each one is a flavorful experience all it's own.

- Includes 6 butter cups
- Each one is 2.5 oz.
- Best if kept refrigerated

Ingredients: organic single origin Peruvian cacao, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic Madagascar Vanilla extract, organic blackberry honey, organic roasted sunflower seeds, handcrafted sea salt.

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$22 $24

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