Tequila Lovers Cocktail Mixer Set

Mixed with only fresh, whole ingredients

made by Yes Cocktail Co.

Tequila Lovers Cocktail Mixer Set

Mixed with only fresh, whole ingredients

$ 45

The details

Shake up and stir a craft tequila cocktail with this set of handcrafted drink mixers. Infused with fresh fruits, herbs or spices for creative or classic cocktail-sipping, each flavor is free of corn syrup, artificial ingredients and preservatives. This set of three cocktail mixers includes Hibiscus and Rose, Ginger Citrus and Sriracha Lime. Makes a mean margarita.

– Cocktail mixers
– Ideal for tequila cocktails
– Infused with fresh ingredients
– All-natural; no artificial ingredients or preservatives
– Set of 3 includes:

Hibiscus & Rose (16 oz.) This floral concoction combines the exotic hibiscus flower with fragrant rose petals for a vibrant, sophisticated mixer. It plays well with many a spirit, but we find it especially delightful alongside dessert, with champagne.

Sriracha Lime (16 oz) Fresh squeezed lime juice meets the unique heat of Sriracha for a zesty margarita. Pairs well with tequila and vodka.

Ginger Citrus (16 oz) Cold pressed Ginger Root combines with fresh squeezed lime juice for this zesty delight. The perfect complement to vodka, dark rum, bourbon or tequila.


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