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The Beauty's Bath & Skincare Assortment | Putting care into your appearance doesn't have to mean tossing... | Health & Beauty
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The Beauty's Bath & Skincare Assortment

Get (even more) pretty-fied

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Putting care into your appearance doesn't have to mean tossing a lot of nasty chemicals and questionable fragrances into the mix, too. Luckily the Beauty's Collection will have you lookin’ all pretty (and smelling even better), with natural hits like:

Chamomile & Grapefruit Lip Tint by Beridan Naturals
This 0.5 oz. tin of rosy lip tint keeps 'em soft and protected from the elements while adding a splash o' color. Ethically and sustainably-sourced chamomile and grapefruit essential oils are captured in a base of fragrant local beeswax and shea butter and then combined with healing olive, coconut and vitamin E oils for a natural, moisturizing protective coat.

Trousseau Ginger Rose Salt Scrub by Madame Scodioli
This 4 oz. scrub blends Pink Himalayan sea salt with pure, natural ingredients. The scents of sweet almond, sunflower and essential oils intertwine with rose petals and notes of black pepper, clove and patchouli culminating in a ethereal, romantic scrub. Packaged in a plastic screw-top container with a handy waterproof label.

Dandelion Milk Beauty Bath by Wolf’s Apothecary
The beauty bath is a relaxing treat for your skin. Each tin (which lasts 1-3 baths) is filled with milk powder, cornstarch, dandelion root, milk thistle, green clay and essential oils––just add one tub. Hot water. And long day. Enjoy.

Lavender and Olive Oil Soap Bar by Brooklyn Soapworks
This handmade organic soap combines two of the Mediterranean's finest exports into one. Lavender and olive oil lead the charge against dull skin, with a cavalry of fair-trade coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and sodium hydroxide. Each vegan, 5-6 oz. bar is made with vintage molds.

The Beauty Collection will arrive at your door packaged in a 10" x 12" natural linen bag with a jute drawstring. It has been hand-stamped with the Shoppe logo, and is ready to slide under ye olde tree.

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Sold Out
$28 $53