The Dignitary Olivewood & Oak Fountain Pen

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made by Allegory Handcrafted Goods

The Dignitary Olivewood & Oak Fountain Pen

Clearly a VIP

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Handmade near Chicago, the Dignitary is part of Allegory's Original Collection. The Dignitary a fountain pen made with ancient Bethlehem olivewood and bog oak.

About Bog Oak: At the end of the last ice age, rising water levels caused huge oak forests throughout England, Ireland, and other parts of Europe to die standing and fall into the muck. For the last 3,500 - 5,000 years these trees have been preserved in anaerobic conditions underneath peat bogs. The ages have turned bog oak a deep black with dark brown grain. This is the result of a chemical reaction occurring between the tannins in the oak and soluble irons present in the bog soil.

About Bethlehem Olivewood: Throughout Israel there are olive groves that have grown for over 2,000 years. These trees saw Rome come to the area, and eventually fall. They saw much of Biblical history unfold; and they still stand today to bear witness to the trials faced by the region. These trees are highly protected, and those who maintain them gather branch trimmings and deadfall and make them available to tourists and woodworkers. The dense, high contrast grain of Bethlehem Olivewood makes it ideal for small woodworking applications. Its beauty and history are equally incredible.


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