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Tiny Thumb Cookie Assortment | Why limit yourself to one type of cookie when you can have thr... | Cookies

Tiny Thumb Cookie Assortment

Little cookies, just right for snackin'

only 9 left

Made by:

Thumbs Cookies Inc.

Thumbs Cookies Inc.


Cookie Presser


Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Why limit yourself to one type of cookie when you can have three? Satisfy a craving for sweets with the thumb cookie assortment. With this gourmet cookie set, you get a sampling of thumbs in classic, ginger clove and double chocolate. Each set contains three packages of 17 cookies.

Classic Thumb
As the original version of thumb cookies, the classic thumb is a shortbread-esque cookie rolled in a cinnamon sugar mix.

Ginger Clove Thumb
A sweet treat with a kick, the ginger clove thumb is a spicy variation of the original cookie and reminiscent of the beloved holiday confection.

Double Chocolate Thumb
Chocolate lovers rejoice – chocolate thumb cookies are filled with a chocolate center, making for double the decadence.

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