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Trousseau Ginger Rose Solid Scent | Trousseau is a fresh, spicy floral with supporting notes of bl... | Perfume & Cologne
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Trousseau Ginger Rose Solid Scent

Carnie love at first sight

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Salina, KS

Trousseau is a fresh, spicy floral with supporting notes of black pepper, clove and patchouli. This blend of pure essential oils is an ode to the ritual of marriage, an occasion most adored by Madame's troupe. In a very generously sized 1 oz. screw-top container, hand-poured by the Madame herself.

The evening has arrived, hot and humid on the outskirts of Athens, Georgia. The wagons are circled in the middle of large clearing. The Hierophant nervously adjusts his suspenders. Madame helps Riley into her antique lace gown and feathered headdress. Fortunato and Elyria practice their latest duet over the hum of cicadas. The dancing girls have spent all day preparing the honeymoon wagon. The Drabardi decorates the cake while the Cloven Lady gathers bouquets of wildflowers. The fire eaters present the couple with their best bottle of rye. The rain has finally cleared and the sun is now sinking below the treeline. The ceremony is about to begin.

Ingredients: beeswax, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, essential oils, vitamin e

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$28 $33