Truffle Sea Salt

Chef in a tin

made by Gustus Vitae

Truffle Sea Salt

Chef in a tin

$ 23

The details

Captured within this tin of gourmet sea salt are the impossibly rich, seductive flavors of black truffles. Fine Italian sea salt is expertly blended with a generous heaping (at least 6% by weight) of Italian black truffles, making this salt the only thing need to elevate simple dishes into gastronomically stunning masterworks.

Add distinctive, profoundly decadent flavor to foods ranging from roasted zucchini, grilled meats, and eggs, to popcorn and even French fries. Large, plentiful specs of truffle and its deep umami flavor make this a perfect finishing salt: sprinkle on foods just before serving for a beautiful bouquet and lingering succulent flavor.

The American-made tin in is 2.7 oz by weight, and features a recycled-paper label with a written batch number and master blender signature.

Not irradiated, treated with ETO gas, or stored with PLA bioplastics. Gluten, soy, msg, and nut free. All natural and batch-made in Los Angeles.


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