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Black Denim Notebooks - Set of 3 | This set of three durable, flexible sketchbooks meets your lis... | Notebooks & Notepads
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Black Denim Notebooks - Set of 3

Draw, sketch, scribble. Smile. Repeat.

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Made by:

Emgie Libris

Emgie Libris


Book Fabricator


Philadelphia, PA

This set of three durable, flexible sketchbooks meets your list-making and scribbling needs – and they look quite dashing, too. You'll receive one of each, one Passport, one Designer and one Artist, each measuring 3.5" x 5", 5" x 7" and 7" x 9", respectively.

And each book is handmade too. That means that it's hand-covered with black denim, hand-stitched and hand-bound with 40 ruled or blank pages, just waitin' for ya. Handy, eh?

Sketch plans. Create. Record your best ideas. Or, you know, draw pictures of robots...that works too.

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Sold Out
$53 $63