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Vintage Olive Basket Pendant Light | -What was once a metal olive basket in Italy, is now a lovely ... | Lamps
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Vintage Olive Basket Pendant Light

Made with vintage olive baskets from Italy

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Made by:

Tinker Lighting

Tinker Lighting


Light Tinkerer


Fairburn, GA

-What was once a metal olive basket in Italy, is now a lovely vintage pendant light. The maker has repurposed a metal basket into a conversation piece of a lamp, fit for dangling artfully above the kitchen sink. Besides the rustic, carefully sealed basket, this vintage pendant lamp has all the electrical trappings you'll require –– though you might want to ask an electrician (nicely, mind you) to help with the installation.

- Sealed to protect patina
- Measures 16" x 18"
- Nickel socket
- Heavy duty 6' cord
- Hard-wired, no plug
- Pull switch
- Includes a ceiling canopy
- Electrician recommended for installation

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$200 $240