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Waxed Canvas Reusable Lunchbag – Set of 3 | There's a certain routine comfort in packing a great homemade ... | Shopping Totes
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Waxed Canvas Reusable Lunchbag – Set of 3

A reinvented classic


Made by:

Italic Home

Italic Home


Everyday Creator


Portland, OR

There's a certain routine comfort in packing a great homemade lunch in a classic paper sack. But a newfound, adult sense of responsibility has made tossing a paper bag away every day seem a little, well, wasteful. Which is why this simple alternative, a set of three heavy-duty waxed canvas bags that will hold up to hundreds of lunches, is timeless. Each bag retains the iconic shape that you've loved since the third grade, and, unlike the turkey sandwich you left in your high school locker for a month, this reusable lunchbag ages well, too.

There are three bags in this set, and you have your choice of colors for each of them: caramel, black, grey or natural canvas.

The hand-waxing process makes each bag weatherproof, flexible and incredibly durable. To clean, simple wipe dry with a damp cloth––no need for soaking or soaping it.

Bag measures 6.5" x 12.25" x 4" and uses 100% cotton canvas, paraffin wax and all-natural beeswax.

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