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White Glazed Stoneware Sake Set | This sake set consists of a  single-serving sake bottle, or ic... | Coffee & Tea Cups
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White Glazed Stoneware Sake Set

Kampaii shimashou!

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Made by:

Jay Wiese Pottery

Jay Wiese Pottery


Stoneware designer


Gainesville, FL

This sake set consists of a single-serving sake bottle, or ichi-go tokkuri, and a sake cup, or ochoko. The set is finished with a white linen glaze over stoneware. Holding 6 oz. of liquid, the sake bottle measures 3" in diameter and 4 1/2" tall. The sake cup holds about 1.5 oz. and measures 2 1/4" in diameter and is 1 3/4" tall. Each sake set is individually handmade by the artist and is completely lead free and oven and dishwasher safe. Since each set is made by hand, no two are exactly the same.

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Sold Out
$25 $30