Wild-crafted Liquid Soap & Hand Salve Set

Infused with wild harvested botanicals

made by Barnaby Black

Wild-crafted Liquid Soap & Hand Salve Set

Infused with wild harvested botanicals

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Made for cleaning up and nourishing skin, this duo of natural wonders incorporates wild foraged botanicals with plant-based oils and beeswax. The fragrances for both the liquid castile soap and hand salves are derived from plants found in the wild, which have been made into infusions, tinctures and distillations.

Field & Camp Soap (8 oz.)
Formulated for using in the great outdoors, this low sudsing soap contains organic oils and sustainably harvested plants. Use it on your tent, to wash hands or even your body next time you find yourself in the wild.


- Ponderosa- fresh mountain pine, bright blue sky, incense cedar, citrus
- Big Sky Mojave - desert cedar, piñon pine, sagebrush, creosote bush
- Skeleton Forest - tasmanian blue gum, invigorating eucalyptus
- Pine Barrens: fresh from the pine barrens - pine, wildflowers, sweet fern, smoke
- Tamarack-black spruce, eastern larch
- Indian Mint - meadow flowers, mugwort, goldenrod

Ingredients: saponified coconut, olive & jojoba oils, aloe vera, live plant & tree infusions (leaf, needle, twig, bark, root, flower), tree pitch/resin infusions, steam distilled essential oils

Hand Salve (2 oz.)
Putting a spotlight on different tree species, each of these balms is a single plant study in a tin. The salve can be used on the face and patches of dry skin in addition to the hands for moisture and protection from the harsh elements.


- Balsam Fir: Christmas-tree like, with fragrant infusions from the pitch and sap
- Blue Gum: also known as eucalyptus, this scent uses the fallen nuts from the aromatic tree
- Grande Fir: crafted with fallen boughs and needles of the evergreen
- Pinon Pine: the needles, pitch and sap lend this salve waterproofing, firestarting and microbial properties
- Pitch Pine: harvested from the Pine Barrens of Long Island, this salve is a nod to the local wildness
- Spruce: combining findings from Norway and Black spruce varieties
- White Pine: fragranced by the branches and trunk of this specific species of pine

Ingredients: locally sourced beeswax, organic coconut & apricot kernel oils, live plant infusions, tree pitch/resin, steam distilled essential oils


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Barnaby Black



Wilderness Distiller


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