Wine Making Kit

Pairs well with a crafty spirit

made by The Grain and Grape Brew Shop

Wine Making Kit

Pairs well with a crafty spirit

$ 70

The details

This one gallon wine making kit is for all the winos and DIY enthusiasts out there. (Both? Even better.) The kit allows you to make any kind of fruit into wine--and it contains everything you need to make gallons of wine, except for the fruit, which you provide. Follow your own recipe or choose between any of the 101 easy-to-follow recipes listed in the Winemaker Recipe Handbook.

The kit contains everything pictured, including the following equipment and ingredients:

- 1 Gallon Glass Carboy
- Triple-Scale Hydrometer
- Cane Siphon
- Siphon Filter Cap
- Tubing
- Stopper with hole
- Airlock
- Wine Tannin
- Yeast
- Campden Tablets
- Acid Blend
- No-Rinse Sanitizer
- Steeping Bags
- Potassium Sorbate
- Yeast Energizer
- Fermenting Bucket w/ Grommeted Lid
- The Winemaker Recipe Handbook


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