Adelaide's Oregeat Elixir - 2 Pack

For the slightly nutty

made by Wilks & Wilson

Adelaide's Oregeat Elixir - 2 Pack

For the slightly nutty

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Well-schooled and a voracious reader, “Addy” Rose Quigley dreamed of being a mystery author like her hero, Agatha Christie. Even though she never finished her novel, Adelaide found her calling when working at a children's hospital. She experimented with an old recipe for an exotic elixir, Orgeat. After perfecting her Orgeat elixir, a savory syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water used its delicate almond taste to sweeten medicine for young patients at the hospital. Luckily for you, its rich, nutty flavour is used to enhance many cocktails–perhaps the most famously the Mai Tai. Orgeat can also be combined with soda water to create a delectable almond-flavored Italian Soda. Two 375ml bottles of this fine elixir included.


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$25 $30